In a competitive world, the right strategy is everything. We can help you lead the way.

Our Products

You will find bellow our products that will serve, assist and prepare any sector of your organization to reach out another competitive professional level.
To succeed towards a M+A+C (Merge, Acquisition or Carve-Out/Divestiture) move, “PREPARATION” is the mandatory word.

Our Core

STRATEGY NOW prepares your company for a M+A+C (Merge, Acquisition, Carve-Out/Divestiture) approach by preparing your departments with state-of-the-art strategic plans to increase and power-up actual kpi´s and businesses.
We work closely with the following company’s operations:

  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering & Production
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Financial & Accounting
  • Legal & Public Relations
  • Administrative
  • Research & Development

  • STRATEGY NOW’s Principals will prepare your company to strategically establish better sound decisions to take a step further towards:
  • Human Capital Development
  • Strategic and Commercial Decisions
  • Market Development and Product Diversification
  • Producing More with Less
  • Acquiring Sustainable Resources
  • • Any Other Field that your Company wants to work along with us

    Our Method

    When your company elects STRATEGY NOW to coordinate your market approach to search an M+A+C (Merge, Acquisition, Carve-Out/Divestiture) opportunity by signing a BUY-OUT or a SELL-OUT MANDATE, eight structured steps are implemented: